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19 Really Interesting Things To Do In Columbus, MS

Columbus is a city in the easternmost part of Mississippi, located on the banks of River Tombigbee. There are a number of things to do in Columbus, MS.

The city of Columbus is a part of the Golden Triangle, an area that consists of Columbus, Starkville, and Westpoint. Known for its historical charm, antebellum architecture, military history, plus so much more.

Visiting Columbus MS gets you in for a wholesome treat.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Columbus MS?

The city of Columbus offers something for everyone, and the best time to visit will depend on your interests. There are many interesting things to do in Columbus WA; you can take part in cultural events, visit historical landmarks, or engage in outdoor activities.

Here is a tabular breakdown of the best time to visit Columbus for different interests:

ActivityBest Time To Visit
Outdoor activitiesSpring, fall, winter
Cultural attractionsYear round
Touring historical landmarksYear round
Events and festivalsSprint, summer, fall

You are sure to have a great time in Columbus no matter when you visit.

#1. Tennessee William House Museum and Welcome Center

A picture of the Tennessee William House Museum and Welcome Center. Visiting this place should be among the things you do when you visit Columbus MS.
Tennessee William House Museum and Welcome Center.

This was the house of the American playwright and screenwriter, Tennessee Williams; he’s legendary in status, one of the foremost playwrights of 20 century American drama.

You should visit the Tennessee Williams Home if you ever wonder about the lifestyle of a historical figure, as the structure has been carefully preserved to leave visitors with hints about the playwright’s lifestyle.

The Tennessee Williams Home, also a National Literary Landmark, is staffed by Tour Counselors who are available to help you make the most of your trip and answer your questions about the city.

There’s also a gift shop where you can browse a wide selection of brochures and maps, and you can also take home a souvenir! Guests are given a treat of free gourmet coffee, which you can use to unwind on your visit.

#2. Take A Walk At The Columbus Riverwalk and Trail

A picture of the Columbus Riverwalk and Trail.
Columbus Riverwalk and Trail

Walking is a form of relaxation; you experience this form of relaxation at the Columbus Riverwalk, while treating yourself to a picturesque view of nature.

The 4.4-mile walk was established in 2005, is well-lit, flat and wide, and winds along the Tombigbee River and also provides lovely views of the hardwood forest.

There are benches, two pavilions, bathrooms, bike racks, picnic tables, and benches along the route just in case you wish to take a break from your walk.

But that’s not all.

The Riverwalk also provides a covered and lighted stage for events like festivals and concerts. It also offers paths that branch off to the Columbus Soccer Complex, and the city’s butterfly garden.

Riverwalk is among Columbus’ top tourist destinations. You don’t want to miss it.

#3. Discover Main Street Columbus 

A picture of Main Street Columbus MS
Main Street Columbus MS

Main Street is the location for specialty shops, historic buildings, and restaurants. There are many annual events and community projects that take place in the street, here are some:

  • Noon Tunes (March-April)
  • Market Street Festival (May)
  • Sounds of Summer (July)
  • Farmers’ Market (seasonal)
  • Taste of Columbus (September)
  • Art Walk Downtown (September)
  • Downtown Wassail Fest (November)
  • Lighting of The Community Christmas Tree (November)
  • Columbus Christmas Parade (December)

The Market Street Festival draws in about 40,000 people every May for a two-day celebration of craft, musics and art, plus motorcycle shows.

Main Street Festival. Going to the festival is among the things to doin Columbus MS
Main Street Festival.

There’s every likelihood that there’s an event taking place during your time of visit to Columbus, so you can pop into Main Street Columbus for a feel of the town’s vigor and rich cultural heritage.

#4. Take A Sober Walk Through The Friendship Cemetery

A picture of the weeping angel of Friendship Cemetery.
The weeping angel of Friendship Cemetery.

Memorial Day is a holiday in the United States to honor and mourn those who died while serving in the U.S military. The holiday has its roots in Columbus.

The American Civil War ended in 1865 and the next year a group of Columbus women took up the task of improving the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers.

This act was carried in the cemetery known today as Friendship Cemetery, and the act would later become a prototype of the nation’s Memorial Day.

Sobering images of the destruction of the Civil War can be found throughout the Friendship Cemetery, which is the resting place for over 2,194 Confederate soldiers.

#5. Reminisce On Legends Of Blues In The Mississippi Blues Trails

A Mississippi Blue Trail.
A Mississippi Blue Trail.

Blues originated in Mississippi, and there are Blue Markers scattered across the state to commemorate and preserve the memory of blues in the state.

Some notable blues musicians are from Columbus Mississippi, and have their own Markers for anyone to read and savor their contributions to the music genre..

Some notable blue markets found in Columbus:

Big Joe Williams Blue Marker (442 Main Street Crawford, MS)

The blues trail of Big Joe Williams
The blues trail of Big Joe Williams

Catfish Alley Blue Marker (4th Street South and Main Street Columbus, MS)

A street sign of Catfish Alley.
A street sign of Catfish Alley.

The Catfish Alley is popular for producing notable blues musician, including Big Joe Williams, and Howlin’ Wolf.

Howlin’ Wolf Blue Marker (498 East Broad Street West Point, MS)

The Howlin' Wolf's blues tail.
The Howlin’ Wolf’s blues tail.

#6. Discover Amazing Deals At Magnolia Antique Mall

The front of Magnolia Antique Mall.
Magnolia Antique Mall.

The Magnolia Antique Mall is a choice destination for lovers of vintage goods. There is a lot to explore. From plate sets, to furniture, trinkets, and home decors, the Magnolia Antique Mall has a collection of some of the finest antiques in Alabama Street.

Most of these goods come from local Mississippi artisans, and this makes the catalog likely cheaper than can be found on other retail outlets.

The Magnolia Antique Mall has been rated by residents as one of the best antique stores in Columbus. There’s not telling the kind of scarce vintage you will discover in the best antique mall in town as a visitor to Columbus.

Stopping by will definitely be worth your while if you’re ever in the city.

#7. Take A Tour Of Temple Heights Mansion

Temple Heights Mansion. Visiting here should be among your things to do in Columbus MS when you visit the city.
Temple Heights Mansion.

This magnificent piece of real estate was built in 1837 by Richard T. Brownrigg. The mansions still attest to Brownrigg’s taste of style despite having changed ownership over the years.

The building is named Temple Heights because the structure takes the form of a temple. It is an embodiment of Greek Revival architecture.

There is a lot to feed your eyes on. 

The mansion boasts of grand pillars on the front and along its sides, and windows with Grecian surrounds, it ha been described by the Mississippi Preservation website as “an admirable example of noble simplicity, beauty, and harmony in Doric style.”

The interior of the mansion is equally a beauty to behold, toned in Federalist style, and featuring Persian marble mantles.

This elegant structure has remained a representative of life in 19-th Century Columbus, and has featured in magazines on vintage homes.

The mansion is open to visitors who, aided by tour guides, get to explore the history of the mansion and its past residents.

#8. Go Get Wet At Slip-N-Dip

Slip-N-Dip: Visiting this recreation facility should be among your things to do in Columbus MS.

You can go chill out at the Slip-N-Dip when it gets too hot in Columbus.

This water park is exquisite and has remained a recreational hotbed in Columbus for over a decade now. It has both locals and new travelers among its visitors.

The park features a constellation of pools, all with varying heights, suitable for people of different ages.

The park gets its name from the tall, curved slides, which is the hallmark of the park’s offering. These slides take swimming to a next-level of fun.

You can chill in the park on any given day alongside everybody, or you can book a pool for a private party with your buddies.

Whichever it is you want, you don’t want to miss out on the swimming extravaganza at the Slip N Dip Water Park.

#9. Unwind With A Movie At Malco Columbus Cinema

Malco Cinema, Visiting here should be among your things to do in Columbus MS.
Malco Columbus cinema.

Date nights don’t have to be boring. Cinemas can amplify the fun, and this is also true if you want to go solo or with family.

Malco Columbus Cinema is open and inviting to anyone interested in elevating their movie experience.

The first thing to look out for in a cinema is their selection of movies, the second is comfort, and the third is quality viewing. Malco Columbus Cinema has got all three.

They offer a wide selection of blockbusters, high resolution wide screens for the best viewing experience, and comfortable seating.

What’s more, snacks are available for you to buy and munch on as you relax and give yourself an immersive experience in one of the best cinemas in town.

#10. Learn In Nature’s Ambience At Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center

Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center. Visiting here should be among your things to do in Columbus MS
Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center.

You can go experience nature at the Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center if you want a break from the bustling of city life of Columbus.

This is a vast center that spans a staggering 190 acres. It is both a recreational facility and home to different types of animal wildlife.

The center boasts of structures like footbridges, kiosks, and stores for recreation. There are natural features such as the center’s unique floodplains and its elevated woodland.

The center provides lodging, with air-conditioned rooms —equipped with state-of-the-art amenities for your relaxation.

A learning facility in the Plymouth Bluff Environmental Center.

The center also offers facilities that can be used for learning, and there is no doubt that earning while assimilating the beauty of nature can be a blissful experience.

#11. Be Part Of A Concert At The Rosenzweig Arts Center

The Rosenzweig Arts Center. Visiting here should be among your things to do in Columbus MS.
The Rosenzweig Arts Center

The Rosenzweig Arts Center is a testament to the prominence of Columbus’ Main Street.

The splendid art center hosts all kinds of art, including theatrical performances, musical concerts and even traditional arts.

The center is home to the Columbus Art Council, and assures visitors of an exhilarating experience. There’s the sales and exhibit gallery, so you can feed your eyes on beautiful relics of art and also buy rare items.

You can take a class at the center’s classroom, watch a show at the theater, or take part in the free gallery shows that take place every month.

The Rosenzweig Arts Center is a total package. Immerse yourself in the world of art, and also take home souvenirs.

#12. Give Yourself A Treat At The Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast

The Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast
The Shadowlawn Bed & Breakfast

Columbus is bustling with feels of antiquities. The 19-century mansion housing the Shadowlawn Bed and Breakfast is a testament to that.

Like most structures of its age, the mansion has gone through several owners and renovations. Yet, its present owners made attempts to restore the mansion to its original decor, structure, and 19-century brilliance.

This is what makes the mansion unique. It gives you a sense of classic history while providing you with modern convenience.

Maintaining its historical undertone, the rooms at Shadowlawn Bed and Breakfast come in vintage settings, with mirrors embellished with precious stones, velvet curtains, among other antiques.

These rooms also come with added air conditioners, Wi-Fi, and heaters; it also has other facilities like a fitness room, and the sauna.

This vintage edifice gets you basking in both classic-time and modern day ambience.

#13. Watch Fast Cars At The Magnolia Motor Speedway 

The Magnolia Motor Speedway 
The Magnolia Motor Speedway.

The Magnolia Motor Speedway is a must-visit for you if you are a fan of fast cars and car races.

This state-of-the-art race facility features a .375-mile dirt oval and offers concrete bleachers from where viewers can have a panoramic view of the entire speedway.

This clear view allows you to cheer on your favorites and find out the racers topping the scoreboard.

You don’t have to get hungry while you experience the amazing things happening on the race track; the speedway has snack kiosks where you can buy snacks and munch on them while the fun goes on.

Meet other car race lovers and have the time of your life as the drivers dazzle the race track at the Magnolia Motor Speedway.

#14. Travel Back In Time In The South Columbus Historic District

The Harris-Banks House is one of the mansions in South Columbus Historic District.
The Harris-Banks House

The South Columbus Historic District offers a mesmerizing experience with its well-preserved historic buildings of different types of architecture.

Per its status, the District exhibits a complete record of the building styles found in America from the 1820s to the 1930s.

The Errolton is on of the historic mansions in South Columbus Historic District.

Some of the buildings found in the district include the, Harris-Banks House, Errolton and the Kenneth Gatchell House, with styles ranging from Italianate-style, Greek Revival, and Victorian architecture.

You can take a walk or drive through the District and catch a memorable view of the elegant, history-rich houses.

#15. Experience Peak Relaxation At The Lake Lowndes State Park

Lake Lowndes State Park. Visiting here should be among your things to do in Columbus MS.
Lake Lowndes State Park

This park is located in a pristine 150-acre lake, and is a one-stop place for everything fun.

The park is inviting for both individuals and  groups, and offers an endless list of outdoor activities that visitors can engage in, both on water and on land.

You can saddle up a boat and go fishing, or engage in other water activities such as water skiing and boat launch, but the fun does not end there.

You are equally invited to engage in outdoor sports, as the park has facilities for many of them, like tennis, softball, and football. You can also play golf, or take a walk through the park’s iconic Opossum Trail that features a range of local plant and animal wildlife.

If you wish to pass the night, the park has a scenic camping area, and vacation cabins and cottages to make sure your experience is memorable.

#16. Eat Out At The Old Hickory Steak House

The Old Hickory Steak House
The Old Hickory Steak House

The steaks you get at the Old Hickory Steak House are among the best in town, thanks to their straightforward menus.

A part of their secret recipe is their grilling of assorted types of USDA choice meat, which they do in their own special way, and which adds a unique flavor to their delectable steaks.

All this, coupled with the restaurant’s structure and its friendly staff, makes dining at the Old Hickory Steak House a delightful experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

#17. Browse The Shelves At The Gateway Shopping Center

This mall is one of the biggest in Columbus, and has become top-of-mind for residents by being around for over a decade.

This Gateway Shopping Center is the place you go to for everything, including meals, groceries, accessories, and more.

Located on Alabama Street, the Gateway Shopping Center carters to the products necessary for your day-to-day lifestyle, and is the place of choice if you wish to stroll, browse shelves, and enjoy good meals.

#18. Go Boat-sailing At The Columbus Marina

The Columbus Marina
The Columbus Marina

The Columbus Marina lets you experience the marine side of Columbus.

You will find rentable boats, and other aquatic-recreation facilities like docking areas in the marina. You can take the  party to sea level because their boats are fitted with bluetooth speakers, and a sun pad.

There are also swim ladders and life jackets to make sure you are safe. This ensures that you can focus on having fun while aboard a boat.

#19. Uncover The Unknowns At Stephen D. Lee Home and Museum

Stephen D Lee Homes and Museum.
Stephen D Lee Homes and Museum,

History comes alive in this museum. Once the home of CSA Gen. Stephen D. Lee, the home was remodeled by the History Society and Society for Preservation of Antiques in 1960 and is now a museum exhibiting the collections and artifacts of the Civil War.

Tours occur on a weekly basis at the museum, and are carried out through the History Society’s Descent Program. Exhibits include regional and local history, and artifacts that date as far back as 1833 and 1908 —the years cover Stephen D. Lee’s life.

Wrapping Up

You are sure to have a great time on you visit to Columbus.

There is something for you in this city regardless of your interest; whether you love nature, prefers history and antiquities, or perhaps you are a a fan of outdoor sporting and recreational activities, Columbus MS has got things for you.

Take our list of things to do in Columbus MS and you are sure to have a memorable time in the city.

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